The support group, together with Heartland Alliance, is fighting to eradicate the violence impacting Chicago communities through the Leadership and Peace Academy Program. The program is developing a core group of teen Peace Ambassadors who will develop the critical mass necessary to change the culture of violence that currently exists. In partnership with international human rights and sports institutions, this initiative is developing culturally competent teen Peace Ambassadors who can ensure that peaceful behaviors and a non-violent consciousness flow through every aspect of student, family and community life. The program will serve 6 Chicago Public High Schools, eventually reaching every student at those schools across the next four years. To ensure successful outcomes, our youth need a commitment from all of us to guarantee they are successful in their life journey as we create the leaders of tomorrow.

Peace Ambassador Program Objectives
To partner young people with teachers, school officials and community leaders to make a positive impact in their environment and to create peaceful schools and neighborhoods.

• The Peace Ambassadors Program will build the confidence, cultural competence and peaceful conflict resolution skills of its participants.